adverb also anyplace Ame
1 in or to any place: Sit anywhere, there are plenty of seats. | Tropical fruit used to be hard to find in Britain but now you can buy it anywhere.
(+ in): Apparently that restaurant does the best curry anywhere in London. | anywhere else (=in or to a different place): Anywhere else you'd have to pay airport tax but not when you visit this Pacific island.
2 used in questions, negatives, and statements expressing possibility to mean `somewhere' or `nowhere': I can't find it anywhere. Are you sure you left it here? | Do they need anywhere to stay for the night? | Would you like a ride anywhere? | anywhere interesting/cheap etc Did you go anywhere exotic on vacation this year? | anywhere else: The photos are great - have you been anywhere else in Mexico?
3 not anywhere near
a) used to emphasize that someone or something is not near to another person or thing: What do you mean it was my fault? My car wasn't anywhere near yours.
b) used to emphasize that someone or something is not in a particular condition or state: The money doesn't come anywhere near compensating for what those people suffered.
4 anywhere between one and ten/anywhere from one to ten etc used to mean any age, number, amount etc between one and ten when it is difficult to know exactly which age, number etc: She was one of those women who could be anywhere between forty five and sixty years of age.
5 it won't get you anywhere used to tell someone that they will not be able to change a situation: You can try writing to complain, but I don't think it will get you anywhere.
6 not getting/going anywhere not successful or not having plans for the future: Terry's a nice enough lad but he's not going anywhere.
-see place 1

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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